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Brandon Storm Damage Restoration Company

Brandon gets its share of storms, so many homeowners find themselves in need of storm damage restoration professionals. If your roofing has been compromised by hail or high winds, Gale Force Roofing & Restoration will return it to its pre-storm condition.

No matter the extent of the damage, we’ll help you make the needed repairs, just like we’ve done for thousands of others. With more than a century of combined experience under our belts and a strong commitment to exceptional results and next-level service, we're the smart choice any time you need:

Hail Damage Restoration

Some people think that hailstones have to be huge to inflict damage on a roof, but the truth is that even dime-sized hail can cause major issues. Coupled with the fact that hail damage cannot always be seen from the ground, it’s easy to see why you should always have a professional inspection performed following any hail event. Our Brandon roof restoration professionals will go over every inch of your roof to ensure all damage is identified and repaired.

Wind and Hurricane Damage Repairs

From missing shingles to total roof destruction, our hurricane damage team works hard to protect your home and return your roof and home to normal. Wind damage is common in much of Florida, so our local roof repair contractors have plenty of experience with these types of repairs. Our experts can respond quickly to minimize the chance of secondary damage.

Insurance Claims Assistance

Some homeowners are intimidated by dealing with insurance companies, but Gale Force Roofing & Restoration guides you through the process and makes sure you have all the documentation you need. Ensure your insurance claims are properly valued and not delayed with help from our experienced professionals.

Learn More About Our Brandon Storm Damage Restoration Services

Since the day we did our first job, we’ve been A Force Against Nature! We’ll make sure your roof is capable of protecting your home and provide the necessary restorations if it's been damaged. Call Gale Force Roofing & Restoration today for more information, or fill out our online form to schedule a roof inspection.